The Process

The process is really very simple

The client will be provided log on credentials to access the account registration screen:

To register an account you will need the following patient information:
•    Legal Name
•    Physical Address
•    Date of Birth
•    Social Security Number
•    Cell Phone Number
•    Mother’s Maiden name

To activate your account:

Accounts are activated upon creation (typically within  24 hours)

You can also:
Call the IVR Number
You will be asked to enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security number *
Your account is now activated
* You will be asked for the last 4 digits of your Social Security number every time you call the IVR as security precaution

To load your account:
Direct Deposit, Direct Government Payment or ACH Transfers-
•    Complete the account holder information on the direct deposit form you received with your account.
•    Provide to your employer or government agency
•    You can deposit all or a partial  amount of the funds
Debit/credit card
Bank Account Transfers- need to be set up through your bank’s online banking service or your Toggle Pay website management screen at 


Telephone use for Transactions and Account Management:
Call the account holder number
Menu Options
1- Balance Inquiry
4- Account to Account Transfer
5- Temporarily Disable Your account * (1) Enable for  one use only, (2)  Unlimited use, (3) disable account until you enable it again
6- Bank Account Transfer 
7- Enable/Disable your Internet Banking website access
9- Report your account Lost or Stolen
0- Speak to a live customer service rep

Making payments using the Internet:
1) Click on Account to Account transfer
2) From Account (last 4 of your account):
•    Example: Smith, John – 1234- Your account
To Account:
3) Click on Phone Number
•    Enter recipients phone number
4) Amount To Transfer: Payment Amount
5) Click on Submit
6) Review confirmation screen
7) Click on Submit again (Key step DO NOT FORGET)

To make a payment from your account using the telephone:
1) Dial the easy to remember 800 number
•    If using your registered phone, you will be asked to enter the last 4 digits of your SSN
•    If not using your registered phone number, you will be asked to enter your full account number
2) Press the number 4
3) Enter either the recipient phone number or the 16 digit account number
4) Enter the amount you want to transfer
5) Press 1 to confirm
•    If you and the recipient have registered for alerts you will receive an alert confirming the payment immediately

To lock or unlock your account:
Call the IVR 800 number
Enter your PIN number when prompted
•    (Your PIN number is generally the last 4 digits of your SSN)
Press 5
Press 1 to enable for one use
Press 2 for unlimited use
Press 3 to disable until you turn the account back on


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